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Dr. B
Re: Swollen lymph very worried
Hi, Cancer would have shown in the CBC as a very low WBC. This does soun...
Dr. B
Re: Allergic Reaction
Hi, Some people do react to that. You have to go a little more mild. I'd...
Re: Swollen lymph very worried
Also, not sure if this is a silly question, is it possible there is some so...
Swollen lymph very worried
Dr B, My 6 year old son was just diagnosed 6 weeks ago with Type 1 Diabete...
Allergic Reaction
I have purchase proactiv 3 step program for acne for my daughter. She used...
Re: Xray
Hi! It's no problem! Thank you for getting back with me. I was just so worr...
Dr. B
Re: chronic wheezing/crackling
Hi, Asthma. I'd have him on a preventative inhaled steroid like Flovent,...

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