You and Your Baby

Congratulations on your new arrival. I hope your baby brings additional joy and love to your home.

Going home with a new baby is exciting, but it can also be exhausting. You will have many questions and much new information will be given to you. It will be helpful if youyou and  your baby arrange for transportation, clothing (for you and your baby) and a car seat before your discharge. I recommend that you call to make an appointment for your baby as soon as possible, preferably from the hospital. The first routine appointment should be two to three days after hospital discharge. Sometimes new parents are unsure of themselves. But, as long as your baby is loved, fed and comfortable, you need not worry if you are inexperienced.

Your baby is an individual. As parents, the people most closely involved, you will know your baby best. Trust yourself. Don't take too seriously all of the advice of well meaning friends and relatives. All babies sneeze, yawn, belch, hiccup, pass gas, cough, cry, and get fussy. These are normal behaviors. You will gradually come to know what your baby means when he or she cries.

There should be few visitors during the first few days that you and your baby are at home. Both the new baby and the new parents must adapt to a new situation. For this reason don't expect the first 24-48 hours to be and easy adjustment.

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