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Breast Feeding

Breast FeedingBreast-feeding is a natural and healthy way to feed a child. Until the past century, breast-feeding was the only way to give adequate nourishment to infants. With the advent of infant formula, the number of breast-fed infants and children has declined dramatically. However, with more understanding of the benefits of breast-feeding to both the infant and the mother, breast-feeding is being more encouraged as the optimal nutrition for infants. Healthy People 2000/2010 has as part of its suggestions to have at least 75% of mothers begin breast-feeding their infants with at least 50% continuing at six months, and 25% continuing at one year of age. A survey done shows that 64.3% of US mothers begin breast-feeding with 44.5% of these (28.6% of all mothers) continuing for six months, and 16.3% of all mothers continuing at one year of age.

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