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Signs of Good Breast-feeding

A common concern with breast-feeding is that the baby is not getting enough. With formula, it's easy to measure the number of ounces, but not with breast-feeding. The best way to know is by good weight gain. This can always be checked in the doctor's office for reassurance. Typically a baby will lose about 10% of their birth weight in the first three to five days. Then the milk will come in and the baby will gain about one ounce per day and be back to birth weight at two to three weeks of age.

With good feeding, there will typically be six urinations per day, and three to four stools per day by five to seven days of age. The stools should be watery, yellow, mustard-seedy stools. 

A baby will typically nurse at least eight times a day with one and a half to three hour intervals during the day, and four to five hour intervals at night.

Good rhythmic sucking for ten minutes at each breast is a good sign. 

A full baby will typically sleep at the end of breast-feeding or shortly thereafter.

At two to three weeks after delivery, the milk let down reflex should appear. This is when there is a tight feeling, or pins and needles in the breast as the milk comes down. Milk may leak from either breast. Thinking of your baby, or hearing a baby cry can initiate this reflex.


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